Pre-Coachella Secret Shows Rumor-Mongering

The Coachella lineup looks great (they had me at Moz), but equally interesting for LA locals will be the inevitable secret shows as bands head down to Indio. As per festival rules, acts can’t play in LA for a month surrounding their Coachella gig, but they usually do anyway — last year I caught Architecture in Helsinki at the Echo the night before.

So who’ll it be this year? The Junior Boys/Max Tundra tour stops in San Francisco on April 16, with the Juniors’ Coachella performance set for the 18th — Max’s publicist tells me that there will be an as-yet-unannounced LA show for him, though not necessarily that week.

A Juniors publicist says a secret show for them is “unlikely” — but that doesn’t mean impossible, right? JuBros at Spaceland!?!?

Cross yr fingers and leave yr insider info in the comments, folks. (Robo-statue at Coachella 2006 photo by David Greenwald)


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