Ryan Adams’ Next Book: “Hello Sunshine”

Proving himself to be as prolific an author as he is a songwriter, Ryan Adams has announced yet another book: Hello Sunshine, due at a TBA-time from Akashic Books, who are also releasing his Infinity Blues in April. Sunshine will collect short fiction and verse and has a bunch of fun jacket quotes on the Akashic site: “Ryan Adams, one of America’s most consistently interesting singer/songwriters, has written a passionate, arresting, and entertaining book of verse. Fans are going to love it, and newcomers will be pleased and startled by his intensity and originality,” says Stephen King. (Stephen’s a fan.) Ryan himself calls it “my best work yet,” which may or may not cannibalize sales for the still-unreleased Infinity Blues given that dude hasn’t even released it yet. Not that that’s ever stopped him before or anything.

(Pre-order Ryan’s literature from Akashic BooksHello Sunshine info is supposed to be up May 15)

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