First Look: Vincent Minor – “Born In The Wrong Era” EP

Vincent Minor - Born In The Wrong Era EPThere’s been a dearth of Jon Brion-affiliated chamber-pop in recent years, following the mini-renaissance of the early ’00s that kicked off with Fiona Apple’s 1999 When The Pawn and Aimee Mann’s Magnolia. With co-production from frequent Brion collaborator Tom Biller, Vincent Minor fills the gap nicely. Along the lines of Badly Drawn Boy’s About A Boy soundtrack or Rufus Wainwright’s Poses, Minor’s Born In The Wrong Era EP satisfies all the expected adjectives — clever, quirky, tuneful — with its piano-based pop, missing only the towering charisma of his latest antecedents. Minor has a full-length due this fall; let’s hope he can turn up the charm.

Vincent Minor – “Late Night Show”: mp3

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