Bootleg Video: Elliott Smith – 2.22.00, New York City

Elliott Smith in New York City

Well, folks, I promised treats, so here we are: A fantastic one-camera concert bootleg of Elliott Smith on February 22, 2000. On tour to support Figure 8, he does acoustic renditions of that album’s “Son of Sam,” “Happiness” and “LA” before launching into his back catalog. Guitar players will be fascinated by his fretwork; the rest of us, his soul. ( doesn’t have this, but it does have three other shows from this week, if you’re looking for MP3s.)

And in recent Elliott news, a sibling of his in Austin, Texas, is selling his old 1999 VW Passat GLX for charity. On Craiglist!

Elliott Smith – February 22, 2000
: Video

Elliott Smith – “Say Yes” (live, 11.02.00):

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