Bootleg: Aimee Mann @ Largo, 8.24.96

Aimee MannAh, the glory days. When Largo was on Fairfax, sarcastic singer-songwriters had a shot at the mainstream, and Aimee Mann was just entering her artistic prime. Enjoy the memories.

[Photo by 6tee-zeven]

(Gentle readers may notice one wee Jon Brion playing along on this one.)

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Set list:

1. You Can Still Ruin My Day (Jon Brion)
2. Banter
3. Time For You To Go
4. The Other End (of the Telescope)
5. Amateur
6. You’re With Stupid Now
7. Deathly
8. Jon’s Ragtime Bit
9. It’s Not Safe
10. Fourth of July
11. I Don’t Even Know You
12. You Could Make A Killing
13. I’ve Had It
14. Old Guys (Mr. Harris)
15. That’s Just What You Are
16. Choice In The Matter
17. How Am I Different

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