Elliott Smith, Six Years Gone

Elliott Smith, on the wall of Largo
Photo by David Greenwald

I guess it never really gets any easier to lose your favorite musician. In the decade since discovering Elliott Smith, I’ve listened to thousands of bands and albums — and as much as I love them, nobody comes close. Since his death, I’ve tried to use Rawkblog as a gathering place for some of his lost or otherwise unknown material; below, some links to explore. If you’ve never listened to him, well, you’ll need everything he’s ever recorded, but here’s a good place to start. We miss you, Elliott.

Elliott Smith – “Place Pigalle” (unreleased): mp3

Elliott Smith: The Complete Live Covers (50+ songs including the Beatles, Big Star, etc.)
Elliott Smith: Complete Live Unreleased Songs
Bootleg: Elliott Smith – Stockholm, Sweden, 6.02.98
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