Tonight In L.A.: Rose Melberg

Rose MelbergIntrepid Rawkblog readers will remember the one and only Rose Melberg as my favorite singer still in business. The former frontwoman of Tiger Trap and The Softies (swoon!) comes to Los Angeles tonight for the first time in forever and a day in support of her latest solo release, the lovely Homemade Ship. Given Rose’s infrequent touring schedule, this may be your one and only chance to see her (and, er, me, sobbing away). She’s playing Vacation Vinyl tonight at 6 PM and then heading over for another gig at the Echo Curio. Update: LA Record has a great interview today with Rose, who said she hasn’t played in L.A. in 10 years!

Rose Melberg – “Old Days”: mp3

(Photo by Sarah Cass)

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