Live: Division Day @ Origami Vinyl, 6.18.10

Division Day
Division Day at Spaceland / photo by David Greenwald

Didn’t take pictures at this one, but a quick note: Division Day, 2009’s Visitation behind them, played a short set in Origami Vinyl’s loft on Friday night to shake off a few cobwebs. The synth-heavy band debuted a few new songs that evoked a lower-budget Atoms for Peace, with singer Rohner Segnitz’s capable vox filling in for Thom Yorke’s haunting croon and drummer Kevin Lenhart offering a one-man take on the Radiohead offshoot’s percussion onslaught. The new stuff sounded promising, if a bit raw coming from the loft’s PA, and the band told me there’s more in the works — fingers crossed for a Radiohead-level LP3. (And also Radiohead’s LP8.)