New Music: Elspeth – “Song For Goodbyes”

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This one’s a heartbreaker. Elspeth’s “Song for Goodbyes” treads into exhaustively mapped territory (spoiler: Bends-era Radiohead) and still manages to find new ground. The Irish band’s lead singer aims for Thom Yorke and lands straining somewhere below, but it’s the visible effort that offers tug-of-war emotion. Carefully plucked acoustic guitars evoke the haunting instruments of Mojave 3’s “You’re Beautiful,” with the red-eyed late night/early morning mood much the same. It’s a “song to say goodnight,” the chorus goes, but it seems Elsepth won’t be sleeping just yet.

Elspeth – “Song for Goodbyes”: mp3

(Hear a handful of free tracks from Elspeth on Soundcloud)

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