First Look: LA Font – ‘The American Leagues’

Photo by David Greenwald

It’s a funny thing to have seen a band live more often than you’ve heard their album — a circumstance that probably applies mostly to Phish fans — but such is the case with LA Font and its brand-new The American Leagues. The band’s been hard to miss if you live on L.A.’s east side and have left your house at night over the last few months, and its debut release is a strong document of their snarly in-person take on Slanted and Enchanted-style garage indie. The highlights here are many, but it’s a welcome surprise to hear the quiet moments — especially “Lone Wolf Boys,” the band’s answer to “Range Life” — burning as hot as the scorching rockers.

Full disclosure: Bassist Greg Katz is a Rawkblog alum and the band played my photography show over the summer. I asked them to do that because they’re awesome.

LA Font – “Lone Wolf Boys”: mp3

Pay what you what for the album and stream it in full after the jump or on Bandcamp.