Help Rawkblog crack 100,000 page views

How could you deny this face? / photo by David Greenwald

Pals, Rawkblog is on the verge of something great — we’re on track to break all our page view records this month. (At least those page view records that didn’t come the month we were on the front page of Digg re: the end of OiNK.) At our current rate, we’re going to stop just short of 100,000, which may be small stuff for some of our pals, but after five years, it feels like a landmark. You’re already here: Thank you. I don’t ask for much on Rawkblog (you may have noticed we stopped doing pledge drives when the ad sales picked up), but if you like what I do here, the best way you can help is to tell people about it. E-mail your pals and say, “Hey, here’s a rad blog you should check out. Bro was just flown halfway across the world to be on a panel about blogging with Ryan Pitchfork, so he probably knows his shit.” That’ll convince ’em! Or: send a tweet. Hit Facebook Like on this post. Or any post.

If you’re new around here or looking for our greatest hits (or a link to send out), here are some:

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Again, readers: Thanks. It means a lot.