First Look: Remington Super 60 – ‘Winter’ EP

Remington Super 60Remington Super 60’s Winter EP is five songs and almost nine minutes long. Four of the five are instrumental. And yet, in just a handful of moments, the group says so much: “Sweet Winter” nods to Stereolab and Broadcast’s Jetsons aesthetic; “Cocktail Jazz” gives its lead keyboard an impossibly lovely melody to play under the caress of an unexpected string section; “The Lonely Cowboy,” all whistling and Morricone, is a thrilling homage; “Quiet Afternoon In Space” circles back to “Sweet Winter’s” frosty sweetness.

“Old Man,” the set’s lone vocal track, is humbly harmonized, finger-picked folk that knowingly stays out of the way of the more ambitious instrumentals. The Norwegian group’s brevity is a pretty astounding thing: the songs arise fully formed, like Aphrodite out of the sea foam, to shoot arrows into your heart and vanish into thin air. Until, of course, you press play once more.

Best of all: The EP is free! Download it in full below and visit Remington Super 60‘s site for more info.

Remington Super 60 – Winter EP: ZIP
Remington Super 60 – “Cocktail Jazz”: mp3

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