New Music: The Car Is On Fire – ‘What Makes Me Cry’

Photo by David Greenwald

The Car Is On Fire, I’ll stop the world and melt with you. The band’s “What Makes Me Cry,” a brand-new non-album single, pushes so many Rawkblog buttons: A “ba-da-da” opening, vibraphone played by producer (and Tortoise/Sea and Caker) John McEntire, electric major 7th chords — I could go on. (You may remember fellow Rawkblog favorites like International Waters and the Ancient Greeks sounding, ahem, almost exactly like this.) “What Makes Cry’s” tropical guitar-pop comes with verve, agility and hooks the size of James Cameron’s ego — let it lodge itself deep in your brain.

The Car Is On Fire – “What Makes Me Cry”: mp3

(Buy the band’s albums on their site)

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