Best of 2010: Rawky Awards Results

I always assume my readers mostly agree with me or they wouldn’t be here, but that’s not always the case — sometimes, Britney Spears is your most anticipated album of 2011. All the absurd glory of the 2010 Rawky Awards after the jump.

Album of the Year: Beach House – Teen Dream. This was a close one: only a handful of votes separated this album from Kanye West (No. 2), The National, The Arcade Fire and Deerhunter. Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti had only 1% of the vote. No real consensus from the write-ins, either, which means this was either a very good year or a pretty weak one. Let’s go with the former.

Jam of the Year: Kanye West – “Monster.” Not even close on this one. The Radio Dept.’s “Heaven’s on Fire” was No. 2.

Weirdest indie trend: Indie rockers topping the Billboard charts. I’d disagree — we’ve been on the verge of this for years — but I guess the Arcade Fire going No. 1 is still a pretty big shock.

Favorite short-lived beverage phenomenon: Four Loko, with 52% of the vote. I actually iced a bro this year and immediately iced myself in solidarity. So much shame. A week later, it vanished from the Internet as if it’d never happened.

Favorite rock critic-endorsed hip-hop act: Kanye West. Yup. Then Das Racist. Not a lot of fans of Waka Flocka Flame out there in Rawk-land.

Favorite genre name for “witch house”: “Are you fucking kidding me with this shit,” with 56% of the vote. THANK YOU. Don’t ever change.

Best new band of 2010: Best Coast (17%), followed by Warpaint (16%). Poor Memoryhouse got all of 1 vote, and it wasn’t mine, either.

Most underrated band: The Radio Dept. I agree! Even in a year where the band earned a much-deserved Best New Music and frequently topped the Hype Machine, it still felt like nobody had actually listened to them. I’m glad you did. (This is partially the band’s own fault for not touring or releasing videos or doing the things that bands who want people to listen to them usually do. Oh, well.) A lot of love for straight-ahead rockers the Soft Pack and Tokyo Police Club here, too.

Most anticipated 2011 album: Wilco (word!), followed by Panda Bear (sigh). Guys, trust me on this one: You’re going to want to anticipate the Destroyer album. A few write-ins here for Fleet Foxes, who I unfortunately left off the list. Whoever wrote in Britney Spears, um, congratulations?

Favorite Rawkblog discovery: A few for Warpaint, one for Sea Snakes (yes!) and a few for my Twitter account. Which is not a band, but maybe I should start one.

How was yr year: “Good, thanks for asking!” “Worst one yet.” “Decent.” “Meh.” “Meh.” “Meh.” “Pretty chill, bro.” “9.2.” Jealous of that guy.

Thanks for playing, folks. Looking forward to doing this again next year and making fun of 2011’s made-up genre trends.

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