Bootleg: ARMS @ Brooklyn Bowl, 11.08.10

ARMS previewed its upcoming album Summer Skills with a handful of new songs along with some ’10 classics at the Brooklyn Bowl a couple weeks back. All sound as good as anything we’ve heard from Todd Goldstein’s band; a few more shows like this one and the Walkmen will be opening for them. (A boy can dream.) Here’s a zip of the show and a look at the new tracks — thanks to NYC Taper for the recording. Conveniently, the band just debuted another new one and will be next week’s Rawkblog Live guests. Swag!

Update: Tracks removed at the behest of NYC Taper, who apparently missed the “sharing” portion of first grade. Get ’em on his site.

(ARMS at SXSW 2010, photo by David Greenwald)

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