Mighty Clouds prepping Record Store Day, back catalog reissues

Mighty Clouds’ 2010 self-titled debut, which one again teamed Saturday Looks Good To Me’s Fred Thomas and Betty Marie Barnes, continues to rise unbidden to the top of my iPod. It’s an utterly lovable collection of mid-fi pop crafted by one of the genre’s most underrated teams. If you missed it last year, the band will be repressing the vinyl for Record Store Day on April 16 — and in even better news, a number of rare/out-of-print Thomas-related albums have just been made available digitally. I suggest starting with Thomas’ solo set Everything is Pretty Much Totally Fucked, which has, hands-down, the best cover of the Beach Boys’ “Don’t Worry Baby” ever. Well worth your $5.

Mighty Clouds – “Stay Single”: mp3

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