Video: Sally Seltmann – ‘You’re Always’

You’re Always from Sally Seltmann on Vimeo.

“You’re Always” is the latest single from Australian singer-songwriter-life-changer Sally Seltmann, and it’s along the lines of last year’s Heart That’s Pounding: sincere, full-bodied piano pop with just enough edge. I’m a bit baffled by the video: it’s beautifully lensed, but I can’t decide if it’s paying an ultra-serious homage to early ’90s Cranberries reels or if it’s supposed to be kind of a goof. (Seltmann keeps looking like she’s about to throw a Zooey Deschanel wink at the camera but never does.) Anyway, more importantly: jam. If you’ve lost the plot, too, don’t miss the sunnier, Jens Lekman-starring “Harmony to My Heartbeat” video.