Guest Mixtape: ’80s Obscurities from Captured Tracks

Captured Tracks

I think I’ve made it pretty clear that Captured Tracks is my favorite label of the year. With ’80s-inspired releases from Minks, Craft Spells, Beach Fossils, Blouse, etc., they’ve pretty much done no wrong for months now. I asked label head (and Blank Dogs frontman) Mike Sniper if he’d put together a few rare ’80s jams for us and he delivered like 1997 Karl Malone. Hear his picks after the jump.

Happy Refugees – “Hamburger Boy”

The Great Plains – “The Way She Runs a Fever”

Tactics – “Second Language”

The Cleaners from Venus – “Only a Shadow/Krugerand Gladiators”

Zero Le Crêche – “Last Year’s Wife” (12″ Version)

Ceramic Hello – “Climatic Nouveaux”

The Servants – “Look Like a Girl”

Miracle Legion – “You’re The One Lee” (one of Ryan Adams’ favorite bands!)

Tools You Can Trust – “Sharpen the Tools”

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