The Softies Play Chickfactor in Brooklyn, First Show In Years

Apparently the long-overdue Softies reunion, which mine eyes will witness in Portland next month, was pretty amazing tonight. (Per Rose Melberg herself, the band sold 50 t-shirts.) It was the duo’s first show in years. Notes from Brooklyn:

I’m guessing Rob means “Perfect Afternoon” (update: Nope, it’s a track I didn’t know about actually called “Perfect Dear”) — the others would be “Charms Around Your Wrist” and “Tracks and Tunnels.” Would love to know how long the set went, but those tracks span nearly the entire catalog.

For the record, that’s a Rolling Stone editor and the music editor of the Village Voice gushing. Can’t wait until next month. The band plays Portland’s Bunk Bar (their only other scheduled show) on May 30.

I wrote an exhaustive history/critical take on the Softies on One Week // One Band earlier this year. Enjoy. (You should know that in the Dave Rawkblog’s All-Time Favorites discussion, it ranks something like Elliott Smith, The Softies, Ryan Adams, everybody else.)