2013 State of the Rawkblog

Places you can find me and my work in the months to come:

Email: david.elliot.greenwald AT gmail.com

Twitter: @daverawkblog

Resume, bio, clips and photo portfolio: davidgreenwald.com

Rawkblog Presents pop culture podcast: iTunes (audio) and YouTube (video)

Rawkblog Playlist Club, my curated weekly music subscription service: rawkblog.net/playlist

Music blogging: Rawkblog.com + RSS

Tumblr/general blogging: Rawkblog.tumblr.com + RSS

Photography: Meaningless Before + RSS

I am writing regularly for BillboardMTV and other publications. You can follow my professional work at davidgreenwald.com/blog.

If this seems like too much to actively maintain: it is. I will be doing less blogging and more professional writing this year. Rawkblog and Rawktumblr will be updated sparingly; for weekly music writing, album picks and monthly mixtapes from me, I suggest checking out Playlist Club. I’ll be doing a new podcast perhaps once a month, or more if the mood strikes. Let me know if you’d like to be on one.