Now Playing: Imaginary Pants, Body Parts, Mac DeMarco, Sea Oleena

Rose Melberg
Rose Melberg / photo by David Greenwald

Here are some new songs and new-to-me songs I’ve been thoroughly enjoying lately, with links to further listening. I’ve been posting the occasional track on Tumblr, but I think I’ll round them up here on the Rawkblog mothership.

Imaginary Pants is a new (touring!!!) duo featuring Rawkblog heroine Rose Melberg, whose vocals are as lovely as ever on this track. The band’s quiet/loud Bandcamp EP is free.

Mac DeMarco’s 2 (2012) is a charming, off-kilter record, a warped take on Harry Nilsson not too loopy to forget the hooks. It’s perhaps the most singer-songwriter-y set Captured Tracks has yet issued, but another in the label’s string of winners.

I premiered this one at MTV Buzzworthy. It’s half of a great single from L.A.’s Body Parts, who play full-figured music that winks at Dirty Projectors from across the room before heading to a cooler party downtown.

Sea Oleena’s whole new album (2011) is just silky and gorgeous, exploring the same half-awake space as Memoryhouse’s early work — or Mazzy Star’s, for that matter.

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