Live: Women @ Spaceland, 3.28.09

All photos by David Greenwald

Before we go any further — please note the prominent Oprah sticker on Matthew Flegel’s bass. Props. Anyway, in their opening performance for Chad VanGaalen, Women might have outdone him in sheer fireworks — as on record, their songs balance drone textures and Krautrock-inspired rhythms with, ahem, songs. And unlike many of their peers in the recent wav(v)e of garage worship, their brevity doesn’t mask half-written songs and their guitar pedals don’t hide milquetoast musicianship. But this is a review of Women, and they killed it. The packed Spaceland house seemed to agree, but if the act is new to you, dear reader, I reviewed their thoroughly excellent self-titled debut here. More photos after the jump; as always, click any photo to open a hi-res gallery.

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