Tour Dates: Rose Melberg Finally Coming To Los Angeles

Rose MelbergI can’t tell you the last time Rose Melberg‘s Softies played Los Angeles, but Google reveals that they were here, at UCLA no less, in 1995, at least. If it’s indeed been 14 years, the twee icon is finally, finally coming to remedy the Rose-less situation with a pair of shows on October 27, at Vacation Vinyl and the Echo Curio. Guys, this is like the My Bloody Valentine reunion, except probably way cheaper and definitely way prettier. I expect to see each and every one of you at both gigs or you’re totally fired. More Rose dates after the jump. Her new record, which is great and I haven’t had time to review yet, is due Sept. 22.

Oct 22, 2009 – Olympia, Washington
Northern – w/ Kellarissa

Oct 23, 2009 – Portland, Oregon
The Artistery – w/ Kellarissa

Oct 24, 2009 – Sacramento, California
Luigi’s Fungarden – w/ Kellarissa

Oct 25, 2009 – Berkeley, California
924 Gilman St. – w/ Kellarissa

Oct 27, 2009 – Los Angeles, California
Vacation Vinyl – instore performance at 6 PM –

Oct 27, 2009 – Los Angeles, California
Echo Curio – w/ Kellarissa

Oct 28, 2009 – Santa Barbara, California
Biko’s Garage – w/ Kellarissa

Oct 29, 2009 – San Francisco, California
Needles and Pens – w/ Kellarissa

Rose photo by Sarah Cass