The Canon, Examined: Go Sailor – “Go Sailor”

Go SailorGo Sailor aren’t the most notorious of Rose Melberg’s projects: The Softies, who lasted longer and sounded sweeter, and Tiger Trap, which announced her emergence into the twee scene with a treble-heavy bang, are both better known. But the band, which reunited for an instant classic show at the Echo on Sunday night, deserves the same recognition. The short-lived group, which included Crimpshine’s Paul Curran and Amy Linton of Henry’s Dress and later, the Aislers Set, produced three EPs and two compilation tracks ultimately gathered on the 1996 Go Sailor compilation. The release’s 14 songs benefit from a mid-fidelity approach that allows for that trademark Pacific Northwest ’90s jangle without burying Melberg’s coy, cucumber-cool vocals — an enhancement over Tiger Trap in that respect, and Go Sailor were always that band’s equal for material. As current acts like Best Coast, Surfer Blood and Washed Out marvel over the ocean as if they’d just flown in from Nebraska, Go Sailor’s nautical bent (evident on “Fine Day For Sailing,” “Bigger Than An Ocean” and “The Boy Who Sailed Around The World,” among others) sounds as timely as ever — and as tuneful. Stream the album in full after the jump.

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