First Look: ARMS – EP

ARMS-EP (2010)After Harlem Shakes split last year, it was heartening to hear that guitarist Todd Goldstein would be soldiering on by resuming his dormant ARMS solo project – and more heartening to finally hear him play the new songs at SXSW. Along with ARMS’ Austin dates, the band released a free, five-track EP that week which offers a taster of sounds of the full-length to come.

The EP (titled, simply, EP) is a grimy, reverb-splattered collection – less direct and straightforwardly beautiful than the songs sounded live. What they lose in brightness, though, the songs gain in hypnotic draw. Harlem Shakes were a spastic, unmedicated and ADD-suffering indie-pop band, but ARMS’ stuff is more introverted, full of luminous guitar arpeggios and mournful vocals. Which is not to say the band shows no muscle – Goldstein allows himself enough guitar breakdowns to keep the songs as sweaty as they are self-aware. Body and mind after the jump.

ARMS – EP: ZIP (via ARMS’ official site)

1. Floaters: mp3
2. Heat & Hot Water: mp3
3. High Heels: mp3
4. Emily Sue, Pt. 2: mp3
5. Homelife: mp3

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Photo by David Greenwald