Ryan Adams Prepping “III/IV,” “Blackhole”

It is a glorious time to be a Ryan Adams fan. It always is, of course, but especially now: our beloved DRA announced on Facebook on Friday that two unreleased albums, 2005’s Blackhole and 2006’s III/IV (a double LP, with the Cardinals) are, and I quote (!), “fresh from the mastering plant!” It seems Ryan’s sold-out vinyl release of Orion was a test run for him to start putting out the archives via his own Pax Americana label. Given the excellent packaging and care devoted to Orion, I’m looking forward to handing him money on the regular forever. Though literally dozens of unreleased Adams sessions are out there — including the Darkbreaker sessions, recorded for the film Elizabethtown around the same time as Blackhole — both of these albums, like Orion did, have managed to go unheard as far as I know. (Ryan is also working on new, “mellow” material. It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood.) Update: Per some intrepid message boarders, it seems that III/IV will likely get a separate release, while Blackhole could end up on the mythological box set that’s supposed to include Suicide Handbook and everything else, though such a set has been discussed since 2002 and God only knows how it’ll end up.

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