New Music: The One AM Radio – “Credible Threats”

The One AM Radio
Photo by David Greenwald

When we last saw The One AM Radio, on 2007’s This Too Shall Pass, the band was burrowing deeper into the sad, foggy sounds of 2004 51st best album of the decade, A Name Writ In Water. In the three years since, they seem to have kept digging — “Credible Threats” finds them breaking on through to the other side. (But not sounding like the Doors.) Bright, brisk and catchy — yes! — it debuts The One AM Radio’s daylight ambitions in a way the band hinted at when I caught them last year. They haven’t given up on the mournful stuff, as the song’s bridge demonstrates, but the seamless shift from electro explosiveness to chamber introspection and back will make you catch your breath.

The One AM Radio – “Credible Threats”: mp3

(The Credible Threats 7″ is out now)

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