Elliott Smith – A Proper Introduction

Elliott Smith
Photo via Four Paws Media

Say what you will about Tupac. As a fan of Elliott Smith, any release that brings the late songwriter’s music to new listeners is an essential one. However, the new An Introduction To… Elliott Smith falls a little short of its intended goal, drawing mostly on Either/Or and, presumably due to funds and label issues, misses some important sections of his career. I’ve attempted to remedy that right here with A Proper Introduction.

This compilation is, like Kill Rock Stars’, an introduction: Elliott’s entire catalog, from his three albums with Heatmiser to his seven solo releases to his extensive b-sides collection to his 50+ live and studio covers to his albums’ worth of unreleased songs, is composed entirely of completely fucking great music and you should track it all down. (As you can tell by the previous links, I’ve done my best to curate some of what’s out there on this blog already.) This compilation skews on the legal side, so you’ll see live and unreleased versions subbed in for a number of album cuts. You can fit it on a single CD or listen to it half-and-half on your daily commute. Then go buy his albums. That is the best possible musical decision you will make this or any year.

Elliott Smith – A Proper Introduction compilation: ZIP

“Antonio Carlos Jobim” (Live. 2.01.03 — Heatmiser, originally from Cop and Speeder): mp3
“Plainclothes Man” (Heatmiser, from Mic City Sons): mp3
“Condor Ave.” (9.17.94 — originally from Roman Candle): mp3
“Last Call” (Roman Candle 2010 remaster): mp3
“Needle in the Hay” (6.02.98, originally from Elliott Smith): mp3
“The Biggest Lie” (4.17.98, originally from Elliott Smith): mp3
“Ballad of Big Nothing” (11.02.00, originally from Either/Or): mp3
“Say Yes” (6.02.98, originally from Either/Or): mp3
“Angeles” (6.02.98, originally from Either/Or): mp3
“Miss Misery” (unreleased piano version, originally from Good Will Hunting): mp3
“Baby Britain” (2.22.99, originally from XO): mp3
“Pitseleh” (8.12.98, originally from XO): mp3
“Everything Reminds Me Of Her” (2.22.99, originally from Figure 8): mp3
“Cecelia/Amanda” (previously unreleased): mp3
“King’s Crossing” (live, originally from From a Basement on the Hill): mp3
“Coast to Coast” (Unreleased version, originally from From a Basement on the Hill): mp3
“High Times” (New Moon): mp3
“Angel in the Snow” (New Moon): mp3
“Dancing on the Highway” (3.17.00, unreleased): mp3
“Mr. Good Morning” (5.08.00, unreleased): mp3
“Don’t Fear the Reaper” (10.02.00, Blue Oyster Cult cover): mp3
“Jealous Guy” (4.17.98, John Lennon cover): mp3

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