Feist and Kings of Convenience Sing! Each Other

Room with a view / Photo by David Greenwald

It’s no secret that the Nick Drake-evoking Kings of Convenience are pals with Ms. Leslie Feist, whose able voice makes gorgeous appearances on the band’s “Know How” and “The Build Up.” But it goes both ways: KoC do a great cover of Feist’s “Gatekeeper,” and you can probably guess how good her solo version of “The Build Up” is. Or you can just listen to it and find out.

Kings of Convenience – “Know How”: mp3
Feist – “The Build Up (live)”: mp3
Kings of Convenience – “Gatekeeper (live)”: mp3

Feist’s been known to preview her new material live, which is good because she’s better in concert anyway. You can hear the best of the live cuts of songs from her upcoming album, The Reminder, on the excellent fan site All Things Feist.


And speaking of covers — hopefully you checked out Cokemachineglow’s year-end Fantasy Covers Podcast, where we got the likes of Cadence Weapon, Shugo Tokumaru and Rock Plaza Central to cover our favorite ’06 jamz. If not, it’s not too late. But if so, you heard potential-filled new Australian folkie Ned Collette’s version of TV on the Radio’s “Hours.” Collette’s had the track freshly mastered and sent off to radio, so here, check out the final version and pass it around. Songs don’t get much better than Ned’s “The Laughter Across the Street.”

Ned Collette – “Hours” (TV on the Radio cover): mp3


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