The Week In Rawk, 6.21.09: Happy Father’s Day, Lil Wayne

Shout-out to Levi Johnston, too. Stay strong, fellas.

New Music: sentimental jazz-folk from Charlie Wadhams, Glasgow underdogs the Trashcan Sinatras return and more post-Broken Social Scene cruisin’ from Reverie Sound Revue. Plus: The Main Drag’s Calvin and Hobbes-referencing video for “A Jagged Gorgeous Winter.”

Photos: Charlie Wadhams at the Silent Movie Theatre; Camera Obscurist wedding candids at the Skirball Museum.

Deeper Into Movies: I saw Year One last night, and I hate to say it, but it’s quite possibly the worst movie of Harold Ramis’ otherwise fantastic career. Despite a wide-open premise and an able cast, it lacked the bare minimum of cleverness of recent Ramis output such as Bedazzled or Analyze This, much less equaling Ghostbusters or Stripes. This does not bode well for Ghostbusters 3.