The Week In Rawk, 1.10.10: So Tired Of Being Alone

Photo by David Greenwald

Jams: the new Vampire Weekend: pretty alright!

Live: Atlas Sound played a Michael Stipe-witnessed gig at the Natural History Museum.

Deeper Into Movies: Adventureland, less sunny than expected.

News: Al Green producer and soul genius Willie Mitchell died at 81. Michael Cera bro’d down with the Jersey Shore cast. Defunct webzine Stylus returns for a look at the 2000s. Division Day hits the studio. And why is the new Joanna Newsom album still a secret?

Videos: Holly Miranda’s gorgeous cover of Jeff Buckley’s “Lover, You Should’ve Come Over”; the second Kick-Ass trailer.

Memes: 2010 Bands You Can Ignore, a helpful new column, gets off to a rousing start.