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Welcome to David Greenwald’s Rawkblog (formerly The Rawking Refuses To Stop!), an MP3/music blog that began in March 2005. I’ve grown out of a number of musical shoes during the site’s pubescent stages here over the years, but these days I’m into alt-country phenoms engaged married (!) to Mandy Moore, anything on Captured Tracks, sad bastard folk and twee-pop janglers, with the occasional toe dipped fearfully into music made by computers. Morrissey is my go-to guy for karaoke night, but I digress. You can find a reasonably complete list of my favorite bands and artists here.

The MP3s here are generally posted legally, with label/artist clearance. If you like anything you find, please support the artists by seeing their live show and buying their albums: they are poor and probably have day jobs when they’re not playing 200 tour dates a year. Try Insound or your local record store, or you can always be an indie rock hero and go direct to the record label via the links included in each post. I get free albums e-mailed to me every day and I still buy music from bands I love. It matters. (If you have a copyright concern about a file on the site, please e-mail me.)

Rawkblog has been sourced and recognized by such publications as Rolling Stone, LA Weekly, New York Magazine, the Christian Science Monitor, Paste, Slate, CNET, VH1’s Best Week Ever, Pitchfork and Stereogum. In 2007, it was a nominee for Hey! Nielsen and Billboard.com’s Top Music Blog Contest. Rawkblog has co-presented two SXSW day parties and sponsored a number of Los Angeles shows, including 2012’s Brokechella.

I’m David Greenwald (or @daverawkblog), the Portland Oregonian‘s pop music critic. Previously, I was a contributing editor at Billboard.com and have written about music and other subjects for Rolling Stone, GQ, the Atlantic, Slate and others. I’ve been a web editor at the Los Angeles Times and Access Hollywood, and have been a panelist at the SXSW and In the City festivals. You can find more about my career on DavidGreenwald.com.


Revised for 2012: Due to the commitments required by being a full-time music writer, Rawkblog is on Jay-Z retirement outside of our new podcast. Feel free to pitch me for one of my professional outlets. After seven very enjoyable years of posting your tracks, it’s time for me to participate in the culture in other ways.

If you’d like to take your chances, please email me:
1) a link to download your single and, if you have one, your album.
2) a link to stream your single. You can satisfy both of these requirements in one go with services such as Bandcamp and Soundcloud (or Dropbox, for that matter).
3) If your email doesn’t include these links, I’m going to delete it. (Sorry.) MP3s at or above 192 kpbs are preferred. Please label and tag your files! Don’t attach any photos, files, etc. — links only, please.

For bands who are new to the PR game or are having trouble getting the word out, I wrote this handy guide to getting bloggers and journalists to write about you.


Rawkblog is no longer offering traditional advertising. For creative sponsorship opportunities and partnerships, email rawkblog at gmail dot com.

Past Contributors: (Note: Rawkblog’s 2009 move to WordPress has largely erased their bylines. Sorry, pals.)

Phil Merkow knows more than anyone I know about music made by computers. Especially music made by computers while under the influence. Follow him on Twitter.

Greg Katz is the bassist of LA Font, the DJ behind these mixes and the former general manager of UCLAradio.com. Follow him on Twitter.

Alfred Lee is a film buff and hip-hop head who used to write about both subjects with me at the Daily Bruin. He might actually like Animal Collective more than I like Ryan Adams.

Carman Tse is a former DJ on UCLAradio.com, a post-punk and free jazz enthusiast and my former roommate. He once owned a baby tarantula named “The Beast” and knows more about sports than the rest of us combined.