The Week In Rawk, 2.07.10: Teen Dreams

Jams: A First Look at Beach House’s sublime Teen Dream, a second look at Pants Yell!’s Received Pronunciation, Joanna Newsom’s late-period Joni Mitchell homage “Good Intentions Paving Company,” ex-Everybodyfields singer Jill Andrews covers Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams,” a Grizzly Bear live take on “He Hit Me,” Spoon’s video for “Written In Reverse,” an exhortation to listen to the Who’s Live at Leeds.

(Also: in the sidebar at right, you’ll notice a Grooveshark playlist titled “Ongoing 2010 Jams.” I’ll be updating it throughout the year as said jams make themselves known. Click, stream, enjoy.)

News: Rose Melberg’s Go Sailor is reuniting for Los Angeles and San Francisco shows, my take on the 2010 Grammy Awards, Joanna Newsom’s Have One On Me cover art revealed, Broken Social Scene’s next album due in May and some answers to the rumors circling around about Radiohead’s next album.

Deeper Into Movies: Best Picture hopeful A Serious Man (pictured).