October 2010: Rawkblog Month-In-Review

Pink Eyes of Fucked Up at Matador at 21 / photo by David Greenwald

Select tracks:
Ravens & Chimes – “Division Street”: mp3
Pepper Rabbit – “Babette!”: mp3
The Lightning Bug Situation – “Call”: mp3

LA Font – The American Leagues
Ravens & Chimes – “Division Street”
The Lightning Bug Situation – “Call” (premiere!)
Pepper Rabbit – “Babette!”
Valar – Live at the House of Prayer
Memoryhouse – “Caregiver”

The rest of this month’s links after the jump.
The Goodbye Radio – The Year We Didn’t Have
Tennis – “Marathon”
Logh – North
Gigi – Maintenant
Mt. Egypt – Battening the Hatches
JBM – Not Even In July
The Rest – “John Huston”
Letting Up Despite Great Faults – S/T

Witch Trials | Halloween 2010

Live: In the City 2010
Matador at 21: The Full Review

Jon Brion – “Happy With You”
Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin – “Sink/Let It Sway”
The National – “Terrible Love (Alternate Version)”
Warpaint – “Undertow”
Memoryhouse – “Pale Blue”
Ted Leo covers Beat Happening at Matador at 21
The Acorn – “Restoration”

Stream Warpaint’s The Fool
Destroyer’s Kaputt Due Jan. 2010
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Ryan Adams Plays Three New Songs At 826LA Charity Show

2010 Bands You Can Ignore: An Exhaustive List
Elliott Smith: Seven Years Gone
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