Best of 2010: Rawkblog’s Greatest Hits

As always, friends, I’d like to thank you for reading this year — it’s been the absolute best year I’ve had doing Rawkblog and as a music writer and photographer in general. Here’s a summary of this year’s essential and most popular posts.

Best of 2010: Albums of the Year | EPs/Singles | Songs | Concert Photos | Rawky Awards
Mid-year lists: Albums | Songs

2010’s most popular posts:
* 2010 Album Release Calendar
* Preview: Ryan Adams & The Cardinals’ III/IV
* Best of the 2000s: Top 100 Albums of the Decade
* Kanye West’s new album maybe just leaked (surprised nothing came of this, actually…)
* 2010 Bands You Can Ignore: An Exhaustive List
* Ryan Adams prepping III/IV, Black Hole
* A Michael Jackson Story, May 1985
* Bootleg: Joanna Newsom – 1.18.10 Sydney Opera House, Australia
* Mixtape: Only In Dreams
* First Look: Paramore – Brand New Eyes

My personal favorites/essential reads:
* Interview: Todd Goldstein of Harlem Shakes/ARMS
* The Beachwood Sparks – “Canyon Ride”
* Deeper Into Movies: The Room
* SXSW: Complete Coverage | 50 Bands to Watch
* Live: Slumberland 20th Anniversary Show
* Rawkblog is 5 :: New Theme Song!
* First Look: Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – Before Today
* Interview: Miles Kurosky
* Sufjan Stevens Announces 50 States “Tex-Mex” Album
* Kicking Television: The Lost Series Finale | Saying Goodbye to Lost
* First Look: The National – High Violet
* R.I.P. Will Owsley
* Podcast: In The City: Blogging the U.S.A. Panel
* Spaceland, 1993-2010
* Elliott Smith: A Proper Introduction
* Critical Backlash: Best vs. Favorite, Year-End Lists and the Perils of Consensus